Phenological maps in the study of the bird migration. - V.N. Grishchenko. - Berkut. 3 (1). 1994. - P. 30-37.
Using of this method from A. Middendorf till the present is discussed. The large-scale phenological maps show, that the migration goes uneven. The stripes of the earlier arrival clear stand out. They are surrounded by the areas, where birds are still absent. They are called as phenological channels of migration. It is supposed that they correspond to the flyways. Besides there are the territories where the migration starts with the visible delay. V.V. Serebryakov called them as the coming late areas. In that way the crooks of isophenes on maps reflect the structure of the migration area. On the small-scale maps the isolines are smoothed and the structure is not showed. It is discussed two ways of the phenological map building: by the separate observation points and with the calculation of the average dates for definite territory plots. [Russian].
Key words: migration, phenological map, flyway, method, history.
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