To the biology of Little Crake and Water Rail in the Sumy Polesye. - V.T. Afanasyev. - Berkut. 3 (1). 1994. - P. 15-19.
The studies have been carried out in the North of Sumy region in 1992-1993. Some data on timing of migration, breeding biology, number, distribution and behaviour are presented. The Little Crake arrives in the first half of April - second half of May. It starts the nest building within 3-5 weeks after the arrival. The nest plot is no lesser than 50 m2. The nest is built for 3-4 days. Near the main nest 1-3 false buildings are arranged. There is 1 brood per year but after the ruin of eggs the repeated clutch is laid. The laying of eggs takes place in May - first half of June. The full clutch is of 6-8 eggs. The latest autumn record is dated by 7.09.1982. The Water Rail arrives in April. The nest building times are extended since May till June. On the nest plot birds build 2 nests, one of which is false. After the nest ruin the repeated clutch is laid. A female can lay till 4-5 clutches per season. The full clutch has 9-11 eggs. The latest autumn record is 22.10.1989. 10 nests of the Little Crake and 7 ones of the Water Rail were found. Dimensions, weight and paint of eggs are described. [Russian].
Key words: Little Crake, Water Rail, Sumy Region, phenology, breeding biology, egg.