Behaviour and acoustic signaling patterns of the Little and Spotted Crakes in the reproductive period. - A.A. Mossalov, V.M. Konstantinov. - Berkut. 2. 1993. - P. 25-27.
Data on the behaviour and acoustic signaling of two Crake species were collected in Lipetsk Region, Russia. Method of tape-recorder sound stimulation was used. Results of this stimulation on different stages of the breeding cycle are discussed. The Little Crake has more differented set of sound signals. The Spotted Crake uses the cry "wit - wit" as the calling cry and as territorial sound marker. For the Little Crake is characteristic the active vocalization during occupying the breeding plot but territorial cry was registered only by the artificial breach of the plot limits. It was observed also using the calling cry in territorial conflicts. [Russian].
Key words: Little Crake, Spotted Crake, behaviour, acoustic signalling.