Results of conducting "The year of the White-tailed Eagle" in Ukraine in 1989. - V.N. Grishchenko, V.E. Boreyko, V.M. Babko, I.M. Gorban, I.V. Mihalevich, V.V. Serebryakov, V.I. Strigunov. - Berkut. 2. 1993. - P. 34-41.
In Ukraine the action "The year of the White-tailed Eagle" was carried out in 1989. It was the big scientific and popularization campaign. 24 nest and 12 possible nesting sites were found in 15 regions (Table 1). The present number of the White-tailed Eagle population in Ukraine makes at least 30-40 breeding pairs. The main breeding places are situated along the Dnieper. Some nests were found near the Dniester, the Seversky Donets and in the Danube mouth. 40,9 % of the nests built in pines, 22,7 % in pappels, 13,6 % in alders (n=22). 63,6 % from them are situated in furcations and 36,4 % on the bases of big branches (n=11). The height of nest placing fluctuates from 6 to 25 m, the mean height is 16,21,9 m (n=11). The main wintering places are situated in the area of Black Sea Nature Reserve and in the Danube mouth. Comparatively large numbers of wintering birds were found near iceless parts of the Dnieper near Kiev, Kanev, Dnepropetrovsk. 82 birds were registered in winter but the total number of wintering eagles is estimated at no less than 130-150 birds. Last years number of the White-tailed Eagle increases. It is connected with the adaptation of eagles to the changed environment and the improvement of the Birds of Prey protection. The analysis of death causes for the raptors in Ukraine was made (Table 2). The shooting by people stays the main from them. During "The year of the White-tailed Eagle" the big popularisation work were conducted. The main directions of the Birds of Prey protection in Ukraine are discussed. [Russian].
Key words: White-tailed Eagle, Haliaeetus albicilla, Ukraine, number, wintering, protection, popularisation.