About the cline variation of some morphological parameters of the Tree Pipit. - E.D. Jablonowska. - Berkut. 2. 1993. - P. 31-33.
According to the literature data the cline variation of the wing and beak length was investigated on the territory of the former Soviet Union. The method of independent functions was worked out for the calculation of the variation isolines. It supposes the independent parameter change in the latitudinal and longitudinal directions. The south-south-east is the general direction of clines. The wing length cline is removed rather more to the south. The beak length cline is removed to the east. By the characteristic combination of the parameter meanings it is possible the determination of the nesting region for birds which were caught during the migration or in wintering places. [Russian].
Key words: Tree Pipit, Anthus trivialis, morphology, cline variation, method.