The first ornithological society. - V.E. Boreyko. - Berkut. 1. 1992. - P. 111-112.
The Kessler Ornithological Society was founded in Kiev in May of 1906. It was called by the name of famous Russian zoologist K.F. Kessler. This was the first ornithological society in former Russian empire. Such outstanding scientists as M.A. Menzbier, S.A. Buturlin, P.P. Sushkin, A.N. Severtsov were members of it. A teacher of Kiev University Prof. V.M. Artobolevsky was elected the chairman of the society, N.V. Scharlemann - its secretary. In the society worked two commissions: on the research of Ukrainian fauna and on the nature conservation. In spring of 1914 the second in Russian empire nature conservation exhibition was organised. It had the great success. The activity of the Kessler Society has stopped in 1915 during the 1st World War. [Russian].
Key words: history, Ukraine, ornithological society.