To the breeding biology of the Chaffinch in Ivanychi district of Volynian region. - A.F. Kovalenko, G.V. Fesenko. - Berkut. 1. 1992. - P. 65-67.
Peculiarities of the Chaffinch breeding in a colony of the Fieldfare are considered. The time of spring arrival, beginning of nest building and egg laying are given. Nests of these both species are often situated in neighbouring trees and sometimes in the same tree. The Chaffinch nests were found on the height from 1 to 7 m, 2/3 from them are built on the height of 2-4 m. Building material of one Chaffinch'es nest is described in details. Measures of nests and eggs are given. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs, Volynian region, breeding, nest, egg.