Patterns of the Linnet breeding in the Volynian Polesye in conditions of a strong anthropogenic press. - E.B. Srebrodolska, N.V. Priyatkina, T.Yu. Grinchishin. - Berkut. 1. 1992. - P. 46-51.
Data were collected in the Shatsk Biological Station (Volynian region) 8-28.06.1991. The Linnet is a most numerous species here. The local population is under a strong human press, though its number has been increased. The strongest human press was obser ved during the laying period and appearance of hatchlings. Cutting of bushes has also a very negative influence on the breding success. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Linnet, Acanthis cannabina, Volynian region, breeding, breeding success, human disturbance.