Formation of bird fauna and community of man-caused landscapes in the steppe zone of Ukraine. - Mironov V.I. - Berkut. 1. 1992. - P. 30-36.
Instead of natural steppes the new landscape types have appeared in the south of Ukraine. They have the anthropogenic origin. This has caused considerable changes in the natural situation of the region. The formation processes of bird fauna and community in such man-caused landscapes were studied in the area of Krivoy Rog Iron Ore Basin in 1988-1991. 15 species of breeding birds were found on the dumps with the general population density 435,8 ind. per sq. km. Whitethroat, Ortolan Bunting, Skylark and Wheatear dominated. The dumps which are being covered with the vegetation are regularly visited by more than 20 species. Ornithofauna of the active dumps is poorer. Only the Wheatear has high number. The general density of bird population is 100,3 ind. per sq. km. 38 bird species with the general population density in 404,4 ind. per. sq. km nest on the sludge depository. Wheatear, Great Reed Warbler and Whitethroat are the most numerous. [Russian].
Key words: Dnepropetrovsk region, man-caused landscape, fauna, bird community, population density.