Bird fauna and community of fir forests in the East Beskids (the Ukrainian Carpathians). - Guzy A.I. - Berkut. 1. 1992. - P. 8-29.
The structure of bird community in different types of fir forests in seasonal aspect has been studied in mountains of Lviv region. Forest bird fauna of this part of the Ukrainian Carpathians consists in 70 species: 64 breeding ones, 62 ones are occurred in autumn, 33 - in winter. During breeding and winter periods the species diversity and population density increase with the age of forest. During autumn period number of birds also increases with the age of forest and decreases from the opened woods to young forests of the second age class. Ornithofauna of opened woods consists wood species and birds of the open landscape. Formation of the typical forest community of birds begins in young forests of the second age class. The most species diversity is o bserved in old forests. [Ukrainian].
Key words: the Ukrainian Carpathians, fauna, bird community, population density.