Contribution of V.I. Sevastianov to the study of birds of the Nature Reserve «Mykhailivska tsilyna» (Sumy region, NE Ukraine). - N.P. Knysh. - Avifauna of Ukraine. 7. 2016. - P. 1-10.
Short introductory information about this Ukrainian ornithologist. He worked in the Nature Reserve in 1990s where studied birds. These data remained not published. His diaries have been found in a village. They were processed and analysed by the author of this paper. On the basis of these diaries, the short report about birds of the Nature Reserve was prepaired. [Russian].
Key words: history, North-East Ukraine, protected area, fauna.
Address: Hetmansky National Park; Trostyanets, 42600, Sumy region, Ukraine; e-mail: