Nesting of birds on supports of power lines in Olexandriya district of Kirovograd region. - A.O. Shevtsov. - Avifauna of Ukraine. 5. 2014. - P. 44-47.
Data were collected in 1994–2010. Nesting of 7 bird species were registered. Power lines are the main breeding site for the Hobby and the Raven. About 90% of pairs nested on electric pillars. White Storks nested mainly on street poles in villages and towns (37.3% of all nests). Jackdaws often used cavities in upper parts of concrete poles. Saker Falcons, Kestrels and Rooks nested on power lines only occasionally. [Ukrainian].
Key words: breeding, nest, occurrence.
Address: A.O. Shevtsov, Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds; Heroyiv Stalingradu str. 19/26, Olexandriya, Kirovograd region, 28008, Ukraine; e-mail: