Wintering of waterbirds in the area of Kremenchuk reservoir in winter seasons 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. - M.N. Gavrilyuk, O.V. Ilukha, M.M. Borysenko, V.N. Grishchenko, Е.D. Yablonovska-Grishchenko. - Avifauna of Ukraine. 5. 2014. - P. 36-43.
Kremenchuk reservoir is situated on the Dnieper in central Ukraine. 19 counts were carried out during two winter periods. In total, 31 bird species were registered (28 species of waterbirds). Mallard dominated, Goldeneye, Goosander and Common Gull were subdominants. Caspian Gull and White-tailed Eagle regularly wintered too but in smaller numbers. During the hard frosts, the number of birds and its diversity reached the maximum near anthropogenic hydroengineering constructions (hydroelectric power stations, sewage ponds, etc.). The total number of wintering birds ranged 4000–9000 individuals. [Ukrainian].
Key words: number, distribution, count, rare species, weather.
Address: M.N. Gavrilyuk, Cherkasy National University, dep. of ecology and agrobiology; Shevchenko str., 81, Cherkasy,18031, Ukraine; e-mail: