Winter ornithofauna of the reservoir of Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Station in 2007–2010. - V.P. Ilchuk. - Avifauna of Ukraine. 5. 2014. - P. 25-31.
The water reservoir-cooler of the power station is situated near the town of Ostrog in West Ukraine. Its area is 22,4 км2. The reservoir stays non-freezing during winter. Fauna and number of wintering birds were studied during three seasons in 2007–2010. Birds were counted in western and south-western parts of the reservoir. In total, 55 species from 11 orders were registered on the reservoir and its shores. Coot, Mallard and Goldeneye were the most numerous birds. [Ukrainian].
Key words: fauna, wintering, number, migration.
Address: V.P. Ilchuk, Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds; Basivkutska str. 25, Rivne, 33025, Ukraine;