Number dynamics of terns in valley of the river Buzhok in Podolia. - V.O. Novak. - Avifauna of Ukraine. 3. 2006. - P. 64-68.
Data were collected in Letychiv district of Khmelnitskiy region in 1990–1997. 6 species of terns were registered, 4 from them breed. 6 colonies were discovered (Table 1). 3 from them were monospecies. The total number of terns in colonies fluctuated from 140 to 493 breeding pairs (Table 2). Number of Black and Common Terns decreases, number of Whiskered Tern incriseas. Obviously it forces out two previous species. [Ukrainian].
Key words: terns, Khmelnitskiy region, number, colony.
Address: V.O. Novak, Goloskiv, Letychiv district, 31535 Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine.