Monitoring numbers of waterfowl and water birds on the Tripolian wintering area (Kyiv region) in 1984–1990. - V.N. Grishchenko. Avifauna of Ukraine. 2. 2002. - P. 65-69.
The wintering area is situated along the right bank of Kaniv reservoir to the south from Kyiv. Depending on weather conditions from several dozens up to 3500 birds were registered. Results of counts are presented in Tables. 15 species were observed. The Mallard dominates. The Goosander and the Goldeneye are less numerous. Other ducks are occurred inregular. This place is also a constant wintering area for White-tailed Eagles. The wintering area is dynamic, number of birds can fast change. Obviously, all the wintering areas near Kyiv are connected in united system. [Russian].
Key words: fauna, number, wintering, waterfowl.
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