To study of distribution and trophic relations of the Nightjar in Bucovina. - I.V. Skilsky, A.N. Klitin, L.M. Khlus. - Avifauna of Ukraine. 2. 2002. - P. 27-30.
The Nightjar is a breeding species of the region. In mountains it is distributed up to 1200 m a. s. l. Total numbers is estimated in 50–80 pairs. Contents of stomachs of 5 adult birds were analysed (Table). Amphimallon solstitialis (43,5 %), Culex pipiens (26,1 %) and Barathra brassicae (13,0 %) prevail. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Nightjar, Caprimulgus europaeus, Chernivtsi region, distribution, feeding.
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