Breeding of the Song Thrush in Chernivtsi city. - I.V. Skilsky, V.V. Buchko, B.I. Godovanets, I.S. Shkolny. - Avifauna of Ukraine. 1. 1998. - P. 26-33.
Data were collected in the city and for comparison in natural ecosystems of Chernivtsi region in 1993-1997. The species was found on breeding in central, south and east parts of the city. Nests were discovered in 15 species of trees and bushes and also in a ruined building. In natural ecosystems nests were built only in 6 species and on a heap of brushwood. Index of likeness is 31,3%. The significant differences in the height of nesting, nest measures, times of egg laying, clutch size between parameters from urbanized and natural ecosystems were not discovered. Building material of nests was similar too. By comparing of oomorphological parameters the significant difference was found in 3 cases (Table 3). Breeding conditions for the Song Thrush are some worse in the city, than in not urbanized landscapes. "Town" birds already far enough got accustomed to people, that they leave the nest unwillingly at appearance of the observer. The Song Thrush began to breed in the seliteb part of Chernivtsi from the middle of 1990th. Tendency to forming of wintering urbanized population so far is not discovered, but it is possible in the near future. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Song Thrush, Turdus philomelos, Chernivtsi, breeding, nest, egg.