Longterm population dynamics of Birds of Prey in conditions of the Sumy Polissya. - V.P. Belik, V.T. Afanasyev. - Avifauna of Ukraine. 1. 1998. - P. 4-16.
Data were collected in 4 northern districts of Sumy region in 1958-1993. Total 567 nests of 18 species were found. In the study plot in Shostka district (1220 km2) 525 nests of 17 species were found. During the study period the Peregrine Falcon and probably the Spotted Eagle have disappeared. Numbers of the Black Kite, the Kestrel, the Red-footed Falcon and probably the Hobby have decreased. Numbers of the Buzzard and the Goshawk have very increased. The Lesser Spotted Eagle and the Imperial Eagle have appeared. The Honey Buzzard, the Short-toed Eagle and the Sparrowhawk remained all years unnumerous. The Marsh Harrier was distributed sporadic but in favourable places it was a common species. The "light" harriers always were rare. Number dynamics of Birds of Prey are determined mainly by the pollution of environment (pesticides, heavy metals, phenols, etc.) and the relationship with men (destroying or conservation). [Russian].
Key words: Birds of Prey, Sumy region, population, number dynamics.